Garfield y sus amigos

Capitulo 1 de la temporada 1 Online

Paz y Tranquilidad / Se busca a Wade / Garfield el Hawaiano

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¿Qué ocurre en este capítulo de Garfield y sus amigos?

Peace and Quiet: Garfield watches TV all night after Jon leaves the set on, so the tired cat tries to take a long nap while Jon and Odie go out to run errands. Unfortunately, Binky the Clown shows up at the door to deliver a special birthday greeting to «Mrs. Edna Fogerty,» and won’t leave until he completes his quest.

Wanted: Wade: Wade believes that the police will arrest him after he rips the a tag off the bottom of a couch. Meanwhile, Roy plays a CD of rooster crows on his stereo, which goes out of control.

Garfield Goes Hawaiian: Garfield is diagnosed with the Hawaiian Cat Flu, an unusual feline disease that causes him to hula whenever somebody close to him mentions Hawaii or anything from the state. Jon decides to use Garfield’s ailment to win a cash prize on a TV show featuring funny animal stunts–but his plan ends up taking a surprising twist.

La sinopsis es un pequeño recuento de lo que ocurre durante el trasncurso de este episodio.

Este episodio se estrenó el: Sep. 17, 1988

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