Garfield y sus amigos

Capitulo 10 de la temporada 1 Online

Perrito mágico / Breve Historia / Desdichado lunes

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¿Qué ocurre en este capítulo de Garfield y sus amigos?

Magic Mutt: When Jon is asked to perform a magic show at a children’s hospital, he goes to a local magic shop to buy some new tricks. Garfield tags along and makes an enemy of Merlin, the owner’s dog. The two pets begin to have a small war using the various magical devices in the store, including a genuinely magic wand that allows the user to change form.

Short Story: Booker wants more responsibility on the farm, but the adults tell him that he’s too little to help out. Meanwhile, Orson’s brothers attempt to steal the year’s vegetable crop, and end up capturing everyone in their efforts to do so. It’s up to Booker to use his height to his advantage and save his friends.
Monday Misery: Anguished over it being Monday, Garfield tries to find a way to avoid dealing with the usual bad luck that happens to him on that day.

La sinopsis es un pequeño recuento de lo que ocurre durante el trasncurso de este episodio.

Este episodio se estrenó el: Nov. 19, 1988

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