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¿Qué ocurre en este capítulo de Tarzán: La serie animada?

While playing hide-and-seek, Terk and Tantor spy a band of hunters and rush the news to Tarzan and Jane, who are reading «»Frankenstein»», and learning the word «»fiction»». These «»hunters»» turn out to be an early 20th century film crew, filming a movie («»Savage Man»») about a jungle man similar to the Tarzan of popular culture. The movie, a silent picture, stars Stanley Obrowski (the quintessential ‘stuffed shirt’ actor) and Naomi Madison (a silent movie actress à la Clara Bow or an early Mae West with a Brooklyn accent) as his leading lady. Misunderstanding the fictional nature of the movie, Tarzan «»saves»» Naomi from a staged peril, and is hired by Tom Orman (the film’s astounded director) as stunt man and, later, star, due to the jealous Stanley’s temperament and ineptitude. His pride wounded, an irate Stanley decides to sabotage the movie by setting fire to the film itself — but the film is highly flammable, and the trading post is soon ablaze around him!

La sinopsis es un pequeño recuento de lo que ocurre durante el trasncurso de este episodio.

Este episodio se estrenó el: Sep. 27, 2001

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