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¿Qué ocurre en este capítulo de Tarzán: La serie animada?

This episode begins with Jane facing down a black mamba snake, so Tarzan wrestles the snake and thinks that Jane will be pleased. Jane, however, chastises Tarzan a bit because she said she’d been trying to paint a lifelike picture of the snake, and that Tarzan should have an appreciation of the arts.

Then suddenly they hear that a schooner is in trouble, so they all head for the coast. Tarzan swims out to discover that it was Jane’s old friends from the UK, Eleanor, Hazel, Greenley, and her boyfriend Henry. Tarzan helps everyone to escape on a makeshift raft, made from the hatch lid.

In the next scene, we see Jane serving tea to everyone else back at her boat-tree house. Hazel and Eleanor say that they’re there for adventure, but they are not sure why Greenley brought her nerdy boyfriend Henry, except perhaps to make him into a «»well rounded»» man, like Tarzan. Henry says that he’s there to study earthquakes.

Tarzan proceeds to try to teach Henry how to swing on vines and act more

La sinopsis es un pequeño recuento de lo que ocurre durante el trasncurso de este episodio.

Este episodio se estrenó el: Oct. 01, 2001

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