Tarzán: La serie animada

Capitulo 33 de la temporada 1 Online

La furia enjaulada

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¿Qué ocurre en este capítulo de Tarzán: La serie animada?

Following the Proffesor’s latest (unsuccessful) attempts to make tea, he goes to the trading post to try to persuade Dumont to trade something for a box of Earl Grey. Dumont obliges, when Jane persuades him that ‘a good deed can be its own reward’, which Tarzan overhears her saying. As they are about to leave, none other than those less-than-friendly-diamond-miners, Neils and Merkus arrive. They want to search for their lost diamonds, and Tarzan reluctantly allows them on the condition that they leave the gorilla family alone. While mining, Neils and Merkus are attacked by Tublat, the banished bull-ape enemy of Tarzan and family. However by some lucky turn of fate, the dynamite goes off close to the creature and injures him, and the devious miners decide to cage him and sell him. Tarzan arrives, and tells Neils and Merkus that he doesn’t mind if they take Tublat, or even kill him. When the gorillas find out that Tublat is gone, they celebrate, but Tarzan feels guilty and leaves the

La sinopsis es un pequeño recuento de lo que ocurre durante el trasncurso de este episodio.

Este episodio se estrenó el: Oct. 10, 2001

En Danimados estás viendo el episodio número 33, perteneciente a la temporada completa 1 de la serie Tarzán: La serie animada en alta calidad (HD) y completamente gratis! Te gustó este episodio? Compártelo con tus amigos y ayúdanos a llegar a más personas:

Tarzán: La serie animada temporada 1

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